The Story

A paradox of pop culture — some people spend money on trendy but cheap eyewear, while longing for eternal classics. This paradox recognised was the spark that ignited the KILSGAARD brand. The logic of our design is to subvert this contradiction – nurture that longing for iconic and classic eyewear, but with designs founded in structural integrity.

The Man

Jacob Kilsgaard founded the company in 2007, and worked closely with the renowned architectural design company Bonnelycke MDD from the beginning. The concept was ready to launch in March 2008 at the Drommesyn show in Copenhagen. Jacob doesn’t come from a designer’s background, but his passion for ‘feinschmeck’ and good, clean business strategies have successfully translated into urban-classic spectacle frames by Bonnelycke MDD.
Realizing that it takes a near-neurotic individual to develop the classical minimalism Jacob was looking for, he brought Bonnelycke MDD on board.

The Profile

Kilsgaard Eyewear embodies simplicity. The idea is to create a contemporary, elegant design that both compliments and reinforces the style of the wearer. We keep our gaze ahead of the trends – watch how they evolve – but stay grounded in the classic designs that have outlasted decades.
We’re not here to revolutionize the world of eyewear. We’re here to re-introduce, in our own package, what’s proven to work: minimalist aluminum. Good design has the strength to be simple. That’s why we’ve designed logical spectacle frames that are reliable and insist on elegant tech solutions. One screw fastens hinges and rim-lock, and all frames are 100% aluminium—some combined with the finest acetate money can buy—light as feather and strong as steel. The frames are designed in Denmark, produced in Italy, returned home to Denmark to be colour-anodised, and shipped back to Italy for final assembly; an expensive but necessary process to maintain the high quality we demand. Anodising is a chemical process that colours and tempers the metal, making it impossible for the paint to peel.

Good Design Has The Strength To Be Simple

The Rebirth Of The Legendary Jakob Roepstorff

In August 2010 we were proud the announce Jakob Roepstorff as Partner/Sales Director for Kilsgaard Eyewear. Jakob has worked for some of the major players in the industry for the past 15 years, and brings both an optician’s background and a proven sales history to the Kilsgaard family. Jakob also adds the right amount of energy combined with good old-fashioned hard work mentality—ensuring the growth is maintained and the retailers keep smiling. Being similarly fascinated and in love with the world of minimalism, Jakob found his new home with the Kilsgaard’s. As a trained optician, he adds a perfectionist’s point of view to our product; with a passion for technical details, he helps ensure that our results are the best, every time.

The Future Of Eyewear

Team Kilsgaard strives to sustain positive development—challenging ourselves to be creative, while allowing ourselves to be different. We find our inspiration all over, but it’s grounded in the Danish culture and fashion industry. In Denmark we dare to be different. We take the road not travelled. Kilsgaard blazes its own trail, not so others can follow, but to show it can be done.

During the first period of a man’s life the greatest danger is not to take the risk. – Søren Kierkegaard


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